David Foley

As an Audiologist in both employed & independent sectors for 25 years, I understand your world and how it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

Elected continuously since 2006, I’ve been BSHAA Treasurer and currently Chair of Customer Services, and Company Secretary. I’ve served on Education, Membership, and Finance Committees. Experience is vital and so is the ability to devote the required time to representing members – something I have always done.

Within Council, I unfailingly represent the interest of the individual Audiologist, not Employers or anyone else.

I have contributed heavily to BSHAA becoming the “go-to” organisation in private audiology. Crucial to this is BSHAA’s Customer Care Scheme which I helped to create and still oversee daily. CCS is an unqualified success story. HCPC now refers “routine” complaints to BSHAA rather than launching stressful, drawn out investigations which can drag on for months & years before reaching a resolution.

BSHAA is continually at a crossroads – the current one concerns online sales. In my view, supplying hearing instruments designed for face to- face dispensing, without a hearing test or otoscopy, is simply incompatible with being a BSHAA Member. Our desire for excellence cannot be maintained whilst allowing it to be eroded. I will always put forward this view and resist any attempt to sanction a race to the bottom on standards.

Members want credibility, support, & a financially sustainable environment. BSHAA must do everything possible to enable this and support nothing which undermines it.