Dr. Jay Jindal

“I am an independent audiologist with a doctorate degree in audiology and a fair few ideas. Working with BSHAA gives me an excellent opportunity to utilize my skills, training, and experience in helping the wider profession in my small way.”

“I am Jay Jindal. It has been my great pleasure and fortune to have worked with some of the most incredible clients and colleagues in the NHS and private sectors within our field in the last 15 years or so. I am deeply grateful to this profession, which has helped me grow in both the personal and professional lives immensely and therefore, I love to contribute to the wider profession at every level I can. 

“I initially joined audiology more by accident than passion. As it happened, I was sitting in my little room in a tiny town in northern India, making the decision about where to go from the A level equivalent that I was doing at the time. Academically, I was at the top of the class and everyone i.e. my teachers and family expected me to be a medic. However, I wanted to be in the techie world. And in that quest for finding my future, I discovered audiology-a profession where healthcare has a perfect marriage with technology.”

I think profession and professionals have moved a long way since then. There is a talk about a college of audiology and a couple of joint guidance documents issued by all sector organisations. BSHAA, via its leadership has made enormous contribution to the betterment of profession in the last few years that I have been involved. I have seen rather fiery debates on pertinent topics, where the each of the issues affecting various factions of BSHAA membership were unpicked. This could be members who are independent professionals, working in NHS settings under AQP contract, employed by national organisations or students. Rest assured, Council’s actions are accountable to all of you and there is no singling out one group or another.

Apart from being on BSHAA Council, I run an independent audiology company called Audiology Planet. My company (www.audiologyplanet.com) has interests in various areas concerning audiology- clinical work, medico-legal work, service improvement via audits and consultancy, earcare products and providing CPD/education etc.

In my spare time, I play badminton and double up as a volunteer badminton coach in a local club. “

Dr. Jay Jindal, Au.D. FSHAA, Consultant Audiologist, 

BSHAA Council Member and Chair of Finance Committee