Members FAQs

You will need to ask them to sit an adaptation or apptitude exam. Currently this can be completed at either Southampton or Queen Margaret (Edinburgh) Universities. Both organisations can tell you how much this will cost and whether attending the university is required.   You can find out more on the careers page

To change your email address please contact the BSHAA team on It is important that you provide an up-to-date email address otherwise we will not be able to contact you

If you are a member of the Society you can use the logotype on your website and on your stationery.  However there are guidelines about how you use the various versions of the logotype so read these first HERE

The team at our membership office can help you here.  Drop them an e-mail

Yes, any member of the Society can stand for election for council (except, currently, student associates).

Yes, I’m afraid you do have to buy them a ticket.  However you could just buy the ticket for either the Friday of the Saturday which will be less expensive.  

With more than 1600 members it is impossible for the Society to know about changes to your personal circumstances so in line with most other organisations which manage their members or subscribers via a website we ask you to log on regularly and check that the details we hold for you are up to date. 

No problem – although you won’t be reading this if you have!   But so you know if you do forget, there is a link on the login page which allows you to re-set your password.

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