Council Minutes

What is Council up to?

Your Council meets at least four times a year to discuss policy, make decisions and generally talk about the things that are important in audiology and the Society.  In an effort to ensure you know what is going on, here we will make available the minutes of Council meetings.  Where matters of a personal or confidential nature are discussed the minutes will be edited, but rest assured nothing is taken out unnecessarily.  If you want to discuss anything you read about in these minutes please speak to an officer, the President, Vice-President or a Council member.

Board members' declarations of interest

A register of Council members’ interests is maintained. You can see each members’ declaration below.

Council Members' Attendance

The contribution Council members make to the Society is more than just their physical attendance at meetings.  However BSHAA does publish the attendance record of Councillors and these appear here.

Council Members' Expenses Policy

Although Council members who volunteer to help BSHAA run its affairs give their time, the Society doesn’t expect them to be out of pocket when it comes to travelling and other subsistence costs. Travel and other accommodation costs have always been re imbursed, and in more recent times, an allowance was introduced for loss of business to encourage independent members who actually lose earnings or income as a result of being involved in the Society’s affairs.

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