Elizabeth Adesugba

“I always wanted to work in a clinical setting that would allow me consult with and help patients…

but I also wanted to lead a healthy family life without the need to be on call or work night shifts.  When I was accepted to study at UCL, I had a long talk with the career adviser who after listening to my concerns informed me that there was a Bachelor’s degree program starting for Audiology that year. She also suggested I consider Podiatry.

I had no idea what either of these courses meant so I did some research and realised that Audiology had a significant base in physics which was my absolute favourite subject in secondary school and college. Everything I read about Audiology made it a no-brainer decision for me.

I can honestly say, it’s been 17 years since I made that decision and I have no regrets! Audiology is a perfect fit for me. I love everything about it and I am incredibly passionate about it.What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to encourage, support and significantly improve my patients quality of life. I initially volunteered to work on the BSHAA Professionsl Standards Team and after working with the team for about 9 months I was inspired by the selflessness, dedication and hard work the council members put forward. So , when it was time for elections I was encouraged to join the council and felt it would be an honour to join the team to further support the profession I love so dearly. 

A random fact about me is that I sing in a gospel choir on Sundays…”

Dr. Elizabeth Adesugba AuD BSC(Hons) RHAD MSHAA