BSHAA Fellowship

Fellowship is the highest form of membership of the BSHAA. There are currently around 80 Fellows.

Continual professional development to become the very best that you can be in your profession is at the heart of the Fellowship scheme. Fellowship demonstrates a professional’s commitment to furthering their professional development beyond that of the ordinary member and marks their contribution to the Society and to the profession as a whole. It is the most senior grade of BSHAA membership and is reserved for highly experienced, well-qualified clinicians and leaders.
BSHAA Fellows now receive a Fellow card that reflects the prestigious nature of their Fellowship

Portfolio application

All new applications for Fellowship should use the form below. You can apply for BSHAA Fellowship at any time.

We think the portfolio route more accurately reflects the full breadth of the clinical role of modern audiologists. You are also able to count a much wider variety of contributions to the profession, including supervising trainees, mentoring, speaking at public engagements, contributing at conferences or in professional journals, and any other route by which you are raising the profile of the profession. Once your application is accepted, you will be a registered Fellow for a period of 4 years.

 Please email your completed form to

Traditional route

This traditional CPD-points-only route to Fellowship is only for FSHAA renewals.

Please email your completed form to

You can see a list of the CPD points for BSHAA events and BSHAA-approved events by CLICKING HERE

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