International Women’s Day 2018 – Rachel Raven

We’re marking International Women’s Day 2018 by putting BSHAA members in the spotlight. You can see all 11 member profiles on the main page HERE


“Being able to improve the quality of someone’s life to the extent we can is an incredibly gratifying feeling”

What’s your current role in audiology?

I started as a part-time receptionist about six years ago when my children started school. Coming from a customer service background I rapidly started supporting the audiologist in store more and more and realised that I had a passion not only for great service but for helping to restore our customer’s worlds. I took more and more interest in the anatomy of the hearing system and how hearing aids work and always had huge support from the audiologist I worked closely with.

When did you first know you wanted to be an audiologist?

The opportunity arose for me to become a hearing care assistant (a role that I loved) and quickly afterwards I was chosen as one of the first group of five colleagues that Boots selected to train as FD Audiologists. I would say completing the Foundation degree course, with a young family and still working full-time, was my biggest achievement. Anything I decide to do in life, I put my all into it! I feel really proud of the journey I have been on and what I have achieved in the six years I have been working for Boots.

What’s the best thing about being an audiologist?

The best thing about being an audiologist is the look on a customer’s face when they can hear well for the first time. It can be a very emotional moment for both the audiologist, customer and their loved ones. Being able to improve the quality of someone’s life to the extent we can is an incredibly gratifying feeling and I feel so lucky that I enjoy my job so much!

Any advice for other women who want to become an audiologist?

My advice to any woman thinking of getting involved with audiology is simple: go for it! Women have so many skills to offer this industry and should be confident in that.