Meet the new council members!


I recently put myself forward for a role on BSHAA council, and was delighted to be successful. So what prompted me to apply?

Firstly, I’m a big believer that if you want to change things or help with things then you get involved! This has been in my nature for years, in my early 20’s I sat on a national and regional team for girlguiding UK, I then spent a number of years in various committee roles on hobby groups (chairman, treasurer, general dogsbody!) and then more recently as chair of a local ladies circle and the CHSWG. There’s definitely something in the saying “If you want something doing, give it to a busy person!”

So, why BSHAA and why now? I recently finished working for the NHS and I am now working in an independent practice. I’ve spent the last couple of years looking into independent practice and so joined BSHAA, whilst developing the practice and have attended BSHAA events. I found them to be well organised, varied in content and helpful in stretching us and our knowledge which I think is vital for our profession. As my children are just hitting an age where I actually can utilise my time better again (and I have a very useful house husband!) it seemed a perfect time to try to give back to the audiology community. I have spoken to various BSHAA members along the way and have been impressed with their help and guidance.

I am always the first person to say that I don’t know everything – no one can do! So hopefully my strength is in listening to opinions and collating information to move things forward whilst upholding the high standards to be expected from council members. I look forward to using my skills in the committees and looking at how we can continue to develop as a profession. I look forward to meeting more and more of you – if COVID ever allows us!



I’m Brenda and I work as an independent dispenser in the North East of England.

It can be lonely sometimes not having access to information that employed dispensers have from teams of information gatherers. This is where BSHAA is well placed to help us in that area.

As with all my fellow Council members, I want to make BSHAA an all-inclusive, informative and useful source for every member. I’ve always believed that networking is an important tool. This last year has proved challenging as we have not been able to meet up.

I’m an eternal optimist and always believe things will get better and look forward to meeting you all again someday soon



I am lucky enough to live in East Anglia, in sunny Suffolk, and work as the Clinical Lead Audiologist for The Hearing Care Centre Ltd. I work with a great team covering clinics in Suffolk/Norfolk and am responsible for all things clinical including CPD across a team of 10 clinicians within the organisation. I am a qualified Clinical Ear Care practitioner after completing the BSHAA course back in 2014 using both irrigation and micro-suction techniques and have completed advanced tinnitus training.

My aim as a BSHAA Council member is to be at the forefront of our profession ensuring I keep best evidence-based practice at the heart of everything I do. Enhancing the patient journey and providing a positive outcome for both my patients and the business.

I will bring a can-do attitude to the Council, be inquisitive as to how we do things and challenge as to whether we could do things better. My experience lies within customer care and maintaining standards in accordance to BAA & BSHAA regulations. I truly aim to represent the audiologist on the ground and provide a voice.

2021 will be another challenging year for us all in one way or another and I believe that BSHAA must continue to lead and guide our profession into the future. I’d like to play my part on BSHAA Council to help influence change.



I had previously been associated with BSHAA in the capacity of professional development advisor. This provided me with the great exposure to how BSHAA works and what it does for the wider profession. Therefore, I didn’t need much motivation to aspire to be involved with BSHAA Council.

It is clear to me that the profession is at a juncture where it needs a lot of support from its members and organisation/s to be able to help both the professionals and public. While the current pandemic still continues to test what human societies are made of, the sector is being pushed to new limits and it is all the more important for BSHAA to prove its leadership and execution skills. I am hoping that my knowledge and skills can make a small contribution in that regard.

I have a doctorate degree in audiology, more than 15 years of experience in working in the UK in NHS and private sectors, and leadership experience. I currently work as an independent audiologist in Kent, London, and Surrey. I am a member of HCPC’s fitness-to-practice panel and also I have a great deal of experience working with various sector organisations in different capacities.

I am keen to help BSHAA Council with the ongoing activities and also to bring fresh ideas that will help the jobbing audiologists to act and feel good at helping their community to hear better.

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