Oct 06
Council Elections

BSHAA Council Elections. We hereby give notice that the election of new Council…

Aug 12

Read our latest joint bodies guidance HERE

Jul 29
Recruitment Ads for SMEs

Correspondence sent to a member this month on this subject: “Well, we do now…

Jul 29
Maternity Leave – break from membership?

I got asked this recently by a member. “I’m having a baby, but don’t…

Jul 16
Correspondence with a member re. accessing the CPD app

“Just to clarify, you are registered as a user on with the email:…

Jun 28
Exciting New Updates to!

If you have not done already, please CLAIM an existing listing on…

Jun 01
Our Covid Information Page

Click HERE to jump to our info page

Apr 15
Our Logo (using on your website etc)

New guidelines on our logo will be issued shortly.   In the meantime,…

Mar 25
CPD APP update: Now you can SHARE your CPD links!

As of today, you can easily share your CPD materials with your fellow members. Click…

Mar 21
BSHAA’s Mission

We believe in delivering the highest level of care. We are passionate about supporting…

Mar 18
We are your professional body

BSHAA are the recognised professional body for HCPC registered audiologists. Read more here

Mar 15
How to Claim a Listing

CLAIMING LISTINGS – Important to Every Member How to claim your pre-loaded…

Mar 15
CPD Portal App FAQs

We’ll build on this list as any questions come in:   Q: Where are my pre-2020…

Mar 14
Avatar upload issue fixed

Website FAQs 14/03/2021: AVATAR FIXED A coding conflict caused an issue with uploading…

Mar 11
Note: on what is a FREE listing

Hi, all   Free listings for jobs are for direct employers, not agencies   Jobs wanted…

Mar 10
Our New Find-an-Audiologist: a case study

As you may be aware, our new website is well underway…. Our members can now…

Mar 07
International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating women’s achievements,…

Mar 07
Meet the new council members!

ELLIE CADMAN I recently put myself forward for a role on BSHAA council, and was…

Mar 06
Our new Podcasts

Look forward to our Podcasts in 2021. We want to add to our strong offer of live…

Mar 06
Vaccination Survey Feb. 21

Many of us have managed to get our first vaccination. This is a breakdown of how we…