Our New Find-an-Audiologist: a case study

As you may be aware, our new website is well underway….

Our members can now REGISTER (using previous details or other) to use the members only sections. Please don’t try to login until you register. This is a new platform, and we need you to register initially. 

I asked a member who did this if I could use her details to demonstrate some of the functionality. Key to Hearing registered 3 days ago. We approved the request, and the member was emailed. 

The member uploaded an avatar/photo, which right away makes the listing look better (see the location map above, and the circle photo on the map).

The client searching for a BSHAA member will click on this listing and open up the member’s window. 

You can see a range of options: Directions to any clinic, bookmark that member, call, direct message, email, visit the website and share this link.

Interestingly this member gave feedback that it would be good if only part of the address could be shown, as this is her home and she offers domiciliary visits only. We reacted to that request within 24 hours and you can see that the address shows only the Town, county and first part of the postcode.

Additionally, above the map in picture 2, you can see a ‘speciality’ shown as domiciliary visits.


So the message to all our members is please REGISTER NOW, and claim your listing* too!

Or, if you are a new member of BSHAA (since Dec. 2020), REGISTER and add a listing.

If you need any help with this email me at robert@bshaa.org

* Claim your listing – explained here: https://www.bshaa.org/website-faqs/


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