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Jan 27
Record Keeping Periods?

By Sam Dixon, BSHAA member “From a clinical perspective, there are regulations…

Aug 12

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Jun 01
Our Covid Information Page

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May 23
BSHAA guidance on consent updated

The guidance for BSHAA members on obtaining consent has been updated. Additional…

May 23
Customer Care Scheme 2018-19 annual report

The Customer Care Scheme has published its Annual Report for 2018/2019 which outlines…

May 23
BSHAA interim guidance on insurance replacements

BSHAA is currently preparing detailed guidance to support members and their clients to…

May 23
BSHAA Customer Care Scheme annual report 2017-18

The BSHAA Customer Care Scheme annual report for 2017/18 contains some valuable…

May 23
Updated guidance on onward referral

The Society has published revised guidance on onward referrals following a…

May 23
BSHAA Consumer Guide to Better Hearing available to purchase

The BSHAA Consumer Guide to Better Hearing helps members of the public to understand…

May 23
Guidance on obtaining consent and template forms

BSHAA has produced new guidance for members on obtaining consent. The guidance is not…

May 22
Customer Care Scheme annual report 2016-17

The BSHAA Customer Care Scheme annual report for 2016/17 contains some valuable tips…

May 22
NCHA-BSHAA Guidance for NHS Providers

As providers, we know there is significant unmet hearing need in our communities,…

May 22
NCHA-BSHAA Guidance: Health and Wellbeing Boards

This guidance prepared by the National Community Health Associated with input from…

May 22
NCHA-BSHAA Guidance, Healthwatch

Healthwatch is the lifeblood of the NHS. As the national and local…

May 22
NCHA-BSHAA Guidance on Clinical Commissioning Groups

This was first issued in June 2014 but updated the following year and is intended for…

Jun 01
Specimen Terms and Conditions

Model Terms and Conditions of Business are offered by the Society to save…

Mar 04
BSHAA Guidance on Record Keeping

How you keep client records is a fundamental part of your professional practice and…

Mar 03
BSHAA Guidance on Excellence in Customer Care

A new booklet setting out BSHAA’s view on standards of customer service has been…

Feb 25
Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Customer Care Scheme is seeing a big increase in the number of clients coming back…

Oct 21
Guidance on professional practice for hearing aid audiologists

This booklet is intended to be guidance on good professional practices for Registered…

Oct 21
BSHAA Membership Handbook

The BSHAA Membership booklet is given to all members when they join the Society. It…

Oct 21
Caring for your customers in the private hearing sector

Members of BSHAA are justifiably very proud of the high levels of customer service…

Oct 21
BSHAA Code of Practice

The Society has a set of rules under which it operates, is structured and governed by…

Oct 21
BSHAA Practice Manual for the use, supervision, training and approval of Hearing Care Assistants 2013

In line with other professions, the contribution of a workforce to support…

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