Here are some popular questions – and guides on how to use our new website,

Signing in to

We have added a new introduction feature to member listings. You can add up to 200 words to describe your business to consumers. Please have a look. 


For members pre-2020

Navigate to the Audiologist Finder page  It’s under YOUR HEARING on the main menu.
Search for your own listing, assuming you had one* (Nov. 2020) on
Then claim it (scroll along to the far right).

You’ll be offered various enhanced listings, but for now just choose the free listing (bottom right). 

We will then verify your claim and let you know this by email (usually within 48 hours).

When you next visit, you can see that your listing is claimed. Click on your account in the top right, and MY LISTINGS: Like this –

You can edit your approved claimed listing. You should definitely add an AVATAR, add your FACILITIES, and your SPECIALITIES. Or if you prefer, email us and we’ll edit your listing to your instructions. Bearing in mind a lot of listings we transferred have no location data at all.

*(IF YOU DON’T FIND A LISTING (or never had one), 

You’ll then see a window like this: )

Then navigate to this page:


NEW MEMBERS that have JUST JOINED BSHAA on this website

“I’ve just joined. How do I create a find-an-audiologist entry  on”
When you submit your application, you will be redirected to the “Add listing page”-

In a move to improve our ability to edit and redesign our website faster, we have built a new website from scratch.

Its key new features that will benefit you are:

An ‘audiologist finder’ tool that works better –

  • The client can search for specialisms (such as tinnitus, balance, manufacturer products offered etc).
  • Individual search results are easier to find on Google etc.
  • Directions are provided to your business location.


Listing feature

  • The facility to enhance your member listing.
  • Listing of audiology job opportunities.
  • Listing of used items for sale / items wanted by members.

Also, the power to improve our SEO, that is our ability to be found by consumers.

The new website is being run with some volunteer help from council members, so please be patient as we iron out the odd detail…

LATEST UPDATES as of 10.03.23


14.04.21: Picture upload max. kB label fixed

We have now labelled the picture upload with ‘max. 32kB’. This lack of info was causing annoyance as members were trying to upload pictures over 32kB and getting a spurious failure message. Fixed.


All members who have not yet logged in, will receive an email  asking for a password reset. Click on the link, and you’ll be able to access



Once your listing is approved (by email from us), you can login and edit it. ADD YOUR AVATAR, your FACILITIES and your SPECIALITIES.


All listings that were on are now fully visible. Thanks to Paul Minikin, our search tool is much better. A user can now enter any place in ‘Location’, or click on the location icon. The miles slider can then be used to select as many local members as desired. The loading time is too long, but the location service will improve as members login and claim their listings.

19/03/21: GOOGLE APIs

To make maps with so many locations work well requires some ongoing checks. We’ll make sure we do this for our members.

18/03/21: Existing Members wishing to claim their listing:

Contrary to what we advised previously, please do as follows: Click on SIGN IN, then DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT, then add your email and a password. By all means, use the same details as you used on Click on SIGN UP. WAIT until you get your sign-in approved (up to 48 hours).

14/03/21: AVATAR UPLOAD        A coding conflict caused an issue with uploading Avatars (your pic) onto your listing (reported on 12/02/21). This has now been resolved. The website will allow you to upload any shape of image up to 32kB in formats jpeg, png or gif.


Members' FAQ for

CLAIMING LISTINGS – Important to Every Member

How to claim your pre-loaded listing (from Nov. 2020)

Make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the Audiologist Finder page It’s under HEARING LOSS on the main menu.

Search for your own listing,

Then claim it (scroll along to the far right). You’ll be offered various enhanced listings*, but for now just choose the free listing.

We will then verify your claim and let you know this by email (usually within 48 hours). You can then edit it.



You can now enhance your member audiologist listing with a full page listing. Purchase this feature, then view this page, and send us the content you’d like added. We’ll do the rest.




EDITING A LISTING (feature now active 19/03/21)

You can now upload your photo. It will make your listing look much better! 

On the account details page, your photo / avatar cannot be bigger than 32kb. In any shape, in png., jpeg or gif. 

Specialities: select your SPECIALITIES. This will greatly improve your listing. Please forgive the developer and a council member having a head start on this – this was purely for website development checking 🙂




The “Promote” button will appear under your listing in User Dashboard > My Listings. This is still in Beta testing – but we’d love your feedback.

Clicking on it will open a pop-up with the list of promotion packages you can choose from. After you decide which one to buy, you can click on the package, and will be redirected immediately to the Checkout page. 

Once the order is placed, verified, and completed, the listing will be automatically promoted and given the higher priority in search results. 

It’s also worth mentioning that if you buy a promotion package directly from the Shop page, this will appear in the pop-up too, under the “Owned Packages” label. This package can be used then immediately to promote the listing, as the order has already been completed. 




How do I add bookmarks?
Go to any type of single listing from the “Explore page” and press the bookmark button (audiologist, jobs, webinar, event, etc).

How do I view book-marked webinars?

Members can save webinars by bookmarking them and then view them by clicking top-right account dropdown and clicking on the bookmark ( – or access them from “Member dashboard – Bookmark tab”.





Will my membership payment appear on my dashboard?

Yes once we are up and running*, this information will be shown. 

*May 21.






I didn’t have a find-an-audiologist entry on the old website, How do I add one to
You can add a listing via this URL –
When you first log in, you will be redirected to this “Add listing page”.



LOGGING OUT of the website

If you did want to log out on a particular PC, click on your drop-down account in the top right, select logout. You’ll then see a screen like this.

The log-out is difficult to see, but I have circled it in red here for you.




Our new audiologist directory is fully functioning, but its layout will be reviewed as we gather usage data and its load speed needs work.

Here are some points to note:

  • The page will show first names in A-to-Z order, even before any search. This is being reviewed.
  • Clicking on the target icon will load your city / town location. If you then move the miles slider, all the nearby audiologists will appear.
  • There are amazing new search features, where we can showcase our individual skills. One is the specialities field. Once you claim your pre-loaded listing OR add a new listing, you will then be able to add your own specialities. Please be accurate with this – the procedure / service / equipment should be easily accessible on a regular basis at your location.

*Once we approve the claim.




I asked a member who registered on if I could use her details to demonstrate some of the functionality. ‘Key to Hearing’ registered… We approved the request, and the member was emailed. 

We uploaded an avatar/photo, which right away makes the listing look better (see the location map above, and the circle photo on the map).

The client searching for a BSHAA member will click on this listing and open up the member’s window. 

You can see a range of options: Directions to any clinic, bookmark that member, call, direct message, email, visit the website and share this link.

Interestingly this member gave feedback that it would be good if only part of the address could be shown, as this is her home and she offers domiciliary visits only. We reacted to that request within 24 hours and you can see that the address shows only the Town, county, and first part of the postcode.

Additionally, above the map in the picture, you can see a ‘speciality’ shown as domiciliary visits.

So the message to all our members is please sign in and claim your listing too!

Or, if you are a new member of BSHAA (since Dec. 2020), sign in and add a listing.

If you need any help with this email me at

Claim your listing – explained here:



Our new website: Feedback from a member (14/03/21)

Paul Minikin was good enough to fill in our website feedback form . He gave us some really constructive comments – 
1. The avatar (your photo) on audiologist listings seems to be problematic.
A: This was fixed within 24 hours.
2. The Find-an-audiologist map seems to be overloaded in the last few days. When looking at the map, all of the local members’ icons are not shown, yet when you search for them using towns etc, we all appear. 

A: All members’ markers are now shown.

3. Paul commented that the two ‘location’ search and ‘Search by Town, City or Postcode’ fields were perhaps confusing and in any case were not really working as they should.. 
A: These boxes are now quite straight-forward. Enter anything in ‘location’ field, and you’ll get the result.
4. The process whereby we are asking you to REGISTER afresh on (use your old login details if you like, or other) could cause a misunderstanding. A few members have tried to login with their existing details.
A: This will not work. To process passwords, we need you to sign in and then click on ‘don’t have an account’ ( was provided by a different web designer and we can’t safely transfer passwords).
5. Paul noted that after claiming his pre-loaded listing (from the old website), he could not then edit it straight away.
A: That feature is now enabled.

Paul kindly agreed to share to help us all.



On a slightly different subject: The Old CPD Diary

Some members have expressed concern about the previous CPD Diary that ran on From September 2020, we have the much better-to-use CPD PORTAL app*. What I’d suggest is get the new app, but if you want to maintain your CPD record before 2020, then we’ll keep that safe*. The new CPD audit period for the HCPC started at the end of August 2020.

By the way, Sam Dixon will be running an update about important improvements to CPD PORTAL very soon.



We’d welcome your feedback about the new site here:

If you have any technical questions, please email me directly at or use our website feedback page.

*If you haven’t already, claim your free CPD PORTAL app here


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