Why Become a Member?

BSHAA is the recognised professional body for audiologists.

  • We believe in delivering the highest level of care.
  • We are passionate about supporting our members to achieve this.
  • We are the officially recognised professional body, representing over 1600 independent and corporate audiologists in the UK, Ireland and across the world.
  • Our vision is to represent and advocate for the private audiology sector.
  • And to help our members access the highest standards in CPD training and education.
  • We believe that the profession of audiology should work as one, and we will work towards that goal.
  • We will promote greater diversity within our profession.

Why Join BSHAA

BSHAA is the recognised professional body for audiologists in both corporate and independent capacities with over 1600 members. Our audiologists cover the UK and Ireland. Membership is open to all audiologists and associated professions (UK registered AHCS/RCCP/HCPC/GMC), manufacturers, stakeholders, hearing care assistants, and students on a recognized UK course. If you qualify and are interested in joining, please get in touch today and take advantage of the plethora of benefits available to our growing body of professional audiologists.

A United Goal and Shared Objective

We will continue to promote greater diversity within our profession and with you alongside us, the provision can be even stronger. Join our vision to represent and advocate for the private audiology sector whilst opening doors for development and training opportunities for others like you. We firmly believe that the profession of audiology should work together as one, and we will strive towards that goal whilst maintaining the highest standards in CPD training and education. We endeavour to unify the profession in terms of strategic planning and administration so that the professional audiologist can go about their job, their passion and help as many people as possible in a smooth and seamless manner.

How BSHAA Can Benefit You

Since our formation 66 years ago we have helped and guided countless private hearing care professionals that have trusted the BSHAA as a body with the specialist knowledge, contacts and access to the most up-to-date information in the industry. Membership comes with authentication of your profession, respect, and a huge amount of prestige to accompany it. Bringing both intrinsic and extrinsic values in all kinds of formats alongside the additional bonus features you gain as a member. Some of these include but are not limited to the following benefits and advantages of joining BSHAA;

Member Benefits

Just 3 reasons to join: Benefit from free medical malpractice AND individual public liability insurance*. Access the free CPD PORTAL app and get Free Membership of our Customer Care Scheme.

Lengthening your name:

Use the letters MSHAA after your name or FSHAA if you become a Fellow, the highest level of BSHAA membership. Display the BSHAA logo in your business advertising, letting customers know about your commitment to the highest professional values and showcase how hard you have worked to get there.

Broaden your horizons

List your job vacancies, and any items for sale or wanted. Find friends and colleagues plus become discoverable for anyone seeking you out or head-hunting you within the industry with the map functionality Audiologist tool.

Invitations and independence

Get involved in council projects and receive invites to both corporate and charity events where networking with like-minded individuals can lead to new opportunities and possibly open doors you could only dream of reaching before.

Continual professional development

Gain access to BSHAA email helplines on career, education, technical, business start-up and more and receive full voting rights as a member of BSHAA.

Receive regular copies of BSHAA People Online, our magazine for members, packed with the latest news, great articles, research and developments.


So, it is clear to see that joining BSHAA is just the beginning. If you want to be respected in your industry and prove that you are committed to providing an excellent level of care and service, then it is certainly worth joining as soon as possible.*


*insurance benefit available to HCPC registered HADs and – others IF they work for/with an HCPC registered member.

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