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News Articles from February 2016

Monitor Report: NHS adult hearing services in England

Monitor Report: NHS adult hearing services in England

26 Feb 2016

a major impact on their lives. However, many people do not seek help. Hearing loss becomes harder to manage the longer it is ignored, and is associated with poor mental health, dementia and other...

Consumer Rights Act 2015

25 Feb 2016

The Customer Care Scheme is seeing a big increase in the number of clients coming back after a long period claiming that their aids are not fit for purpose having just had NHS aids fitted. This new legislation will, we are sure, add to this type of...

Customer Care Scheme Annual Report 2014-15

22 Feb 2016

Each year the Scheme publishes an annual report which as well as being sent to every member of BSHAA, is also circulated to the many stakeholders with whom the Society has professional connections....

EuroTrak 2015

19 Feb 2016

In the Late Autumn 2015 edition of BSHAA People we reported on the publication of the third UK EuroTrak report the result of intensive research commissioned by the British Hearing Aid Manufacturers...

Exhibitor information BSHAA Congress 2016

19 Feb 2016

BSHAA Celebrating Excellence at its Congress 2016 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, in the grounds of Nottingham University. The event  provided a great opportunity for companies and...