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News Articles from February 2020

Funding Considerations for Adult Hearing Care Consultation

14 Feb 2020

BSHAA and the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) have jointly produced guidance on Funding Considerations...

BSHAA Masterclass course leader revealed

10 Feb 2020

One of the best audiology minds on the planet will be the course leader for the two-day BSHAA Masterclass on...

BSHAA backs campaign to fight restriction of hearing aids

04 Feb 2020

BSHAA is joining with colleagues from the Hearing and Deafness Alliance to urge people in Staffordshire to stand up against the restriction of NHS hearing aids in their...

Politicians call for more research funding for tinnitus

03 Feb 2020

MPs from the UK’s three biggest political parties have joined the British Tinnitus Association to call for...