BSHAA welcomes membership applications from suitably qualified Hearing Aid Dispensers, Hearing Care Assistants, students on recognised audiology courses or for Associate Membership from people who have connections with, or work in audiology.  Please have a look at the BSHAA membership booklet, the Articles of Association and the Code of Practice which form the basis of your membership of the Society.

Membership Fees

  • Full and Associate membership – £199 per year (direct debit)
  • Hearing Care Assistants – £110 per year (direct debit)
  • Students on a recognised course – Free 

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on a recognised course


Hearing Care Assistants


£110/per year

Full/Associate Membership

(inc. Fellows)

£199/per year

Why become a member of BSHAA?

1. Access your free CPD PORTAL app, an easy way to manage and record your continuous professional development. You can access details of our conferences and professional development days (not run by manufacturers), our FREE professional development webinars, our BSHAA guidance documents and lots more learning materials online.

2. Use the letters MSHAA after your name, and FSHAA if you become a Fellow – the highest level of BSHAA membership. Display the BSHAA logo in your business advertising, a sure way of letting customers know about your commitment to the highest professional values.

3. Free Membership of our Customer Care Scheme – invaluable support if things go wrong.

4. Feature in our Find An Audiologist tool – a searchable map for members of the public to find their nearest BSHAA member with detailed member links and options to upgrade your listing.

5. List your job vacancies, find jobs and opportunities; list items for sale, items wanted. Find friends and colleagues.

6. Receive regular copies of BSHAA People, Our online magazine for members, packed with the latest news, great articles, research and developments.

7. NEW: Access to BSHAA email helplines on career, education, technical, business start up and more.

BSHAA is the professional body for independent audiologists.

  • We believe in delivering the highest level of care
  • We are passionate about supporting our members to achieve this
  • We are the officially recognised professional body, representing over 1600 audiologists in the UK, Ireland and across the world.
  • Our vision is to represent and advocate for the private audiology sector
  • And to help our members access the highest standards in CPD training and education
  • We believe that the profession of audiology should work as one, and we will work towards that goal
  • We will promote greater diversity within our profession

What does BSHAA do for you?

Being part of the largest group of professionals in private hearing care in the UK delivers a huge number of benefits. Established 66 years ago, we have over 1,700 members in the UK and around the world – join your professional body and a well-respected community of hearing care professionals.