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Why Choose a BSHAA Member

Why Choose a BSHAA Member?



Trust a BSHAA member with your hearing care and you can be assured that you will be in the hands of a highly qualified and registered health care professional.


The highest standards of hearing care

Membership of BSHAA is voluntary and a clear commitment to the highest standards of care and continuous professional development. Our members are passionate about delivering high quality hearing care and customer service.

BSHAA members meet the standards of their regulator – the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) – and our own Code of Conduct, which goes way above HCPC’s base standards.

Every BSHAA member is signed up to our Client Mediation Service and has a clear procedure in place to deal with any complaints. If they’re not able to deal with your issue, then you will have access to BSHAA’s independent complaints resolution service. 

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Hearing is much more than sound. It’s about inclusion, engagement and belonging. It’s your connection to the world.

More and more evidence is showing the importance of good hearing to so many aspects of our lives. The BSHAA Guide to Better Hearing will help you to understand more about one of our most precious senses – and why caring for your hearing is so important.

Our guide to better hearing helps members of the public to understand more about one of our most important senses.