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BSHAA response to BAA pulling out of College discussions

At the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) conference today (Thursday 14 November), outgoing president Sue Falkingham announced that BAA is pulling out of the conversations designed to strengthen the unity of the whole audiology sector.

Sue’s full statement is HERE.

Reacting to the news, BSHAA president Andrew Coulter said: “I’m incredibly disappointed with BAA’s decision, which is a real setback for the creation of a College of Audiology. The sector needs a strong, unified voice to achieve much greater influence to lobby for the policy changes that are desperately needed – I remain committed to this. We’ll be looking to continue dialogue with our other partners in the College discussions before determining a new way forward that the public deserve. And I hope that we can work with BAA to get them back into the discussions.” 

BSHAA chief executive Prof David Welbourn added: “This is both a surprise and a profoundly disappointing backward step. The talks around a College of Audiology have always been aimed at creating a more powerful influence for the profession on behalf of a public in which the voice of those with hearing loss is largely ignored by society. BAA’s decision to walk away from the discussions provides a stark illustration of why the audiology sector continues to be so under-represented around the policy table.

“For the last year, we have felt to be on the cusp of a tremendous breakthrough on behalf of those we serve. The future of hearing care depends on us all working together to deliver a powerful, unifying voice. I hope we can still get there.”