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Hearing and the meaning of life…

Curtis Alcock – founder of the Audira think tank – will be “unravelling a mystery so astonishingly mind-blowing, it will forever change the significance of what we do” at the 2019 BSHAA Congress at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry in June.

The conference takes place on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Curtis is one of the keynote speakers in a brilliant line-up on the Saturday.

His presentations always provoke lots of thought and reactions, and we think this one is going to be extra special. We asked Curtis for a summary of his Congress keynote – which is titled ‘Hearing and the Meaning of Life’.

He sent us this photo:

And this intriguing summary…

Imagine someone across the table takes out a $100 bill, removes a lighter from their pocket and sets fire to the note whilst staring directly into your eyes. How do you feel about the loss of that note? Depends on what $100 means to you, right? We appreciate the loss of the note because we recognise its value. If only the same could be said of hearing - widely regarded by society as the ugly sister of vision and the optional extra of healthcare. Is hearing really that important in the grand scheme of things? Should Society be falling over themselves to use our services? In exactly 42 minutes we’ll unravel a mystery so astonishingly mind-blowing, it will forever change the significance of what we do. But be prepared: the answer is not what you think.

Curtis is speaking on Saturday 22 June, day two of the BSHAA Congress which features a brilliant speaker programme and the Congress exhibition, which is right next to the lecture hall and features technology, business and careers zones. The opening day (Friday 21 June) features a selection of workshops for delegates to choose from, including masterclasses in business strategy, cognitive behavioural therapy, aural care and cognition.