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BSHAA working with regulator to address concerns

Several members have challenged recent adverts for sale of hearing aids without the usual direct clinical assessment of an individual’s need for support.

BSHAA is working with the regulator to address concerns about the sale of hearing aids online.

BSHAA upholds the highest standards in the practice and application of hearing aid audiology. Members have to meet the standards of the regulator, the Health and Care Professions Council, as well as BSHAA’s own Code of Practice.

Recent research shows that the outcomes of fitting hearing aids are much better when professional audiologists are involved.

BSHAA Chief Executive Prof David Welbourn said: “We are concerned at hearing aids being sold without the qualified care and advice of a professional audiologist. We need to look at any effect this may have on the trust between the public and those clinicians who do provide high quality hearing care. We are also considering whether this practice is consistent with the conduct we expect of clinical professionals who are members of our organisation.

“We are in dialogue with the regulator to review whether the practice is contrary to the legally protected function of a hearing aid dispenser.”

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