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Public Consultation on BSHAA Aural Care Register

Public Consultation – BSHAA Aural Care Register

Following a survey and a membership consultation the British Society for Hearing and Audiology are now delighted to present, for public consultation, our Aural Care Register (ACR).

As a society we believe we have taken a balanced view on addressing the current shortfall in audiology workforce, a reduction in NHS provision of aural care and the growing number of ear care practitioners who might otherwise have no professional body to be associated with or have practice guidance written specifically for them.

We believe the ACR will not only provide increased public safety and confidence but also allow for the support and professional advancement of all practitioners on the register.

The deadline for this consultation is Monday 2nd October and the society welcomes any and all feedback via the ACR consultation response form.

The full document can be found here and a response from should be requested and returned from/to: