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HCPC re-registration

HCPC Registration renewal – a message from the Chief Exec.
With just two weeks left in the window to renew your professional registration, a quarter of Hearing Aid Dispensers have yet to complete their renewal. Assuming a relatively small number retiring or leaving the profession for other reasons, this is behind schedule. Talking with leaders from other professions who have recently completed their renewal cycle, it appears that many registrants were caught unawares, and hadn’t fully understood the serious implications. Those who miss the deadline are unable to practise, and the consequences are far-reaching. Although the HCPC is striving to improve its processes, those who have missed the renewal window, tended to have a very frustrating and difficult journey to re-register.
Evidence from across all the professions regulated by HCPC is that the more renewal cycles registrants have been through, the earlier they tend to submit their renewals. Is this because, until you’ve been through the cycle a few times, there is a tendency to underestimate its importance or the time it takes? Some suggest that delaying to the last minute reduces your chance of being selected for audit. This is categorically not the case. The HCPC team is increasingly keen to work with professionals, so if you need help or support with re-registration – do follow up on their support lines. Don’t risk your professional future.
HCPC re-registration