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BSHAA Webinar – Managing severe to profound hearing loss

Thursday 19th May 2022
6:45pm via Zoom webinar
Managing severe-profound hearing loss
Individuals with severe-profound hearing loss probably represent a small number of your overall caseload, but arguably they have the most to gain from hearing technology. In this webinar we will explore ways to get the most out of hearing aids and other devices for these clients, reviewing the advice in the Guidelines for Best Practice in the Audiological Management of Adults with Severe and Profound Hearing Loss (published in Seminars in Hearing). We will also discuss cochlear implant candidacy, a critical part of the conversation with every person with severe hearing loss.
Introducing our speaker – Alison Stone
Alison is the national training manager for Oticon UK, a role she has held since 2009. Prior to joining Oticon UK in 2008, she headed up the Customer Relations department at Oticon South Africa. Her previous clinical roles have included audiology at a government community health centre, dispensing hearing aids in private practice, and electrophysiological & vestibular diagnostics for ENT practices. This self-confessed audiology geek is driven by a continuous quest for new knowledge and a passion for teaching.